CENTER>HOW TO USE DIRECT RESPONSE CARD DECKS AS A MARKET RESEARCH TOOL... Thom Reece ©Copyright 1985--2005 Thom Reece All Rights Reserved Market research specialists have discovered a new tool which enables them to quickly identify target market cells, measure buyer acceptance, test new product or service concepts quickly and inexpensively and survey market characteristics...the Direct Response Card Deck. For two to four cents per contact, the researcher can now gather market ...
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Posted on August 24th, 2014

Powerful and Effective Marketing Tool Internet Marketing!

Businesses run after profit. In today’s context, the internet is a powerful and effective marketing tool for many companies. This is simply because, its presence and end-result directly affects the success of a business. Many business owners believe that having a website of its own enhances more business growth. Popularity of internet marketing is growing for the fact that it is convenient, less time consuming and ensures larger growth. However, before you get too excited about hiring ...
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Posted on August 23rd, 2014

Independent Music Promotion on the Web

Let's face it, the wildfire spread of web-based portals designed to introduce independent music to the world has created a bewildering array of opportunities and costs. So where do they all balance out? When does the cost of signing up to yet another music promotion service yield results? What results are we looking for anyway? The key is to make your web promotion targeted, systematic and rich. What is the main drive for independent artists promote their music on the web? The fundamental ...
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Posted on August 22nd, 2014

How To Keep Your Website Sticky

Developing a website with content that entices visitors to return over and over again is something that takes time and effort to put together. This checklist can give you a great start on creating a popular website that entices readers to hang around on your site. Readers love fresh, relevant, useful content. People surf the net to find solutions to everyday problems. If you can provide this kind of information, your readers will love your site and will tell their friends. We recommend you ...
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Posted on August 16th, 2014

Guide to Online Business Internet Marketing

As a small business owner, you have a unique advantage over larger competitors: you’re able to make a serious difference to your small business by making another £20,000 or £30,000 a year. When you know how to market your small business effectively, the returns can be much bigger than this, and have a serious impact on the profitability and growth prospects of your business. Here are things you can do to accelerate your businesses online performance.PPC advertising is one of the quickest ...
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Posted on August 15th, 2014

The 4-Fundamentals of Quality Content

The 4-Fundamentals of Quality Content Quite often, the word ‘quality’ is over-used. A search on Google renders over 341 million results on the word ‘quality.’ Certain individuals use the word to describe time spent with much-loved ones. Others use it as an adjective to describe something as tangible as a phone card. But what makes one phone card a quality calling card versus the next one? Is it the injection molding of the branded name in the phone card that defines its quality? Even ...
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Posted on August 14th, 2014

Some Internet Marketing Services Offered in Kansas City!

Internet marketing, known variously as online marketing, marketing, internet advertising or web marketing is the selling of services or goods using the internet as a medium. It is a combination of the technical and creative facets of the internet such as design, creation, promotion and sales. A company may have various reasons for availing of internet marketing services in Kansas City, chief of which may be to develop leads, make money and to be recognized by a greater number of people.The ...
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Posted on August 12th, 2014


Copyright © Roux Malan Introduction Before you start out on your journey towards a successful online home business, you need to ask yourself ten important questions. It will be worth your while to write down the answers to there questions. Your answers will help you to make giant strides towards realizing your dream of a successful home business on the internet. Step 1: Why do I want a home business on the internet? The very first question you need ...
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Posted on August 11th, 2014

Internet Marketing - A Winning Attitude and Perseverance Pays

What is required to be successful in the world of internet marketing? In order to find the answer, you must understand what "success" means and what common characteristics successful people have. If you are reading this article, you probably want to be a successful internet marketer and you are willing to work hard to achieve your dreams. The truth is that only a small percentage of people will ever achieve their full potential. Those who do are the ones who persevere toward their goals. ...
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Posted on August 8th, 2014

Start Your Own Podcast in 7 Minutes or Less, Even If You

Why Podcasting? Podcasting is all of the talk right now. It is the latest buzz in blogosphere. Never before can you reach an audience through a podcast that you'd ever get in your web site, blog or articles. Several studies from early adopters have proven that podcast actually increase sales. Even in a market where competition is harse, a staggering 10% sales conversion from podcast is not unheard of. Podcasting for Everyone I don't care which business or niche markets you are targeting, ...
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Posted on August 6th, 2014